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                         Leather craft production processes
         Leather products to standardize industrial operations, we must first carry out the following operations:
Sample a plate: the use of guests samples or drawings on the line out of line, and then do the board, according to the master grid paper grid paper is expected to open in the board to check each process or process with the factory the actual situation meets the requirements, when the actual situation of the plant difficult to propose a solution to the technological requirements of the guests can be smoothly.
        Second, try to do: arrange production after procuring the products of all materials and mold for mass production, the number of production by the technological requirements of the product, under normal circumstances mass production in the 50 - to 300 of between. In the production process, the product is to all the technical difficulties Technical Difficulties are all next list, and specific methods of operation form used to record, including a comparison of all the die cutter, some use to the point production, punching mold making, as well as all possible exceptions to be estimated, and make the corresponding program.
       Prenatal production station walkthrough (Pai pull): All of the production process Ming list and calculate the man-hours required and the number of workers, and then according to the sequence of the process and each process time required working arrangements for each station to a leather factory production process
        Is expected to open
        1, pull material should take the knife mold test quasi-layers determine the pull-up material to carve layers and then pull material
        Pull material flat, can not pull material material folded phenomenon
        3, is expected to open to pay attention to the texture of the material, not the same lines of a variety of materials, various parts of the material lines are not the same, there is no accurate information to make workshop first try
        4, as far as possible to avoid two or more color with a bag
        5, is expected to open before should first row of die cutter, first platoon die cutter, rear die cutter, last row a knife mold to achieve as much as possible to save material
        6, only the mouth can not be expected to open the small side, so as to avoid not see the pressure level is expected to open
        7, light-colored fabrics do not use dark material holding underpinning, dark fabrics can not do with a light-colored material holding underpinning,
        8, is expected to open to go with the grain of the color, too soft and lines away from larger materials can not be used to cover the surface or obvious bags, single piece of material is not available on the yin and yang lines or color
       9, is too soft material can not be doing bone or less force, the corner of the cloth at the end of the damaged material can not be expected to open
        10, the cutting edge of the open frayed oil films to pay attention to the edge should be neat, not flash, the flash will cause the oil from the side of grain
        1, leather is generally divided into two kinds, the first layer of skin (original animal skin), skin (skin regeneration), in general, nod more stringent requirements on the skin in the process, so should have a few pre-production ready
        a, original skins Overall carried dichroic stars pattern, in order to facilitate the back of the finished product to reduce the chromatic aberration and the differential pattern;
        before open leather should be familiar with the sections of the various parts of the basic essentials, strict requirements on the color, the pattern of use of pieces and accessories;
        was part of the key parts (such as the hijab, front panels, wallets Omo) put in the whole process of open skin in the former option, each color, pattern pieces should be marked with coded, so that the workshop students when quickly and correctly with

    Shovel Paper
          Before you shovel the skin to take scrap the test knife and adjust width, determine the correct shovel Paper operations commence only after
         Under normal circumstances, handbags car anti-bit to shovel 2 and a half wide straight knife, take a bit shovel 3 wide straight knife, folding first shovel 4 of 5 stars the oblique knife shovel 3 points (half an inch) wide straight knife, shovel folding The side thickness shall take bits Pu first shovel and shovel folding shovel oblique knife straight knife;
        3, wallets Omo the shovel edge for 3 minutes and 25, hitting the edge of the shovel side for 2 minutes and 25 within the cell is generally divided into: the hypotenuse of 1 and a half, folding 2 minutes and 25, with a median shovel skin thickness remains in about 0.9mm.
        4, in case of special parts not clear shovel method and effect of the skin should refer to the bag to do or contact with the management to clear and then shovel
        Oil side
        1, the oil side should be preceded by check is expected to open the jagged edges of the pieces, raising or from the grain phenomenon, such as the edges of the pieces missing, grinding, sanding, burning edges or after refueling oil to avoid wasting time
        2, the material side of the oil for burning side, attention should be burning flash can not cut pieces blackened, burnt, burn the fur can be flat
        3, grinding as much as possible parallel to the grain, to make the oil side position smoothing
        4,Play sand is perfect polished smooth enough, we must be careful and meticulous
        5, burnt edges, grinding, sanding the oil side, before the edge of the material to clean dust
        Side of the oil, the oil side is definitely not up to the front of the material, especially in the oil hit the color side of the oil, in particular, need to pay attention to
        7, the oil side and can not rough up grain hand scraping
        8, the oil side non-oil too thick, generally: the thin material oil once or twice a thick fuel oil three times appropriate
        9, the side of the oil generally divided Matt, in light the leather light oil are three commonly used factory matte, both in the light side of the oil, the oil side should I know about before that subsection side of the oil which side of the oil to avoid rework
        10, the case of the color of the underside of the material is different, wider at the bottom edge of the oil base, but not waste side of the oil is exposed to anti-material base color causing unsightly
        11, the edge of the oil quality requirements: bubble, no grain, no fracture, can not afford to oil, the edge is smooth and bright as a standard
        Countertop glue job
        Materials, gluing should be made clear what kind of glue should be used
        2, leather, canvas, cork material lining 103 pink plastic, or Virginia glue (white latex), washed fabric the Guye material, nylon, PVC or canvas with 477 glue, expected at the end of special hard or smooth use 7B water destroyed painted glue
        3, gluing Mizuochi underpinning glue to a width appropriate, to be painted on the side bit, drop material is against the discharge to prevent the glue stick in the fabric
Folding brush glue the glue width can not be greater than the folding bit
        5, any population explosion and frayed hems bit can not
        6 the arc bit hems bit have a knife, no knife-edge scissors to mouth (including a large body and lining)
        7, zipper window hem to be folded at right angles, and properly handle the corners to prevent frayed, 5 # zipper windows folded width of half an inch, 3 # zipper windows folded width of 3 and a half
        8, two and a half straight edge folding folding bit, cover up Li Tsai rounded bit folding bit is set to 1 and a half to 2 minutes
        9, rounded hem playing angle should be uniform, each pincher same size, less than a fold-bit can not touch edges from the angle
        10, the corners of the rectangular fold bit can not be exposed population explosion, exposed corner Shuhei
        11, Gato material fold according to the size of the material holding folding, does not break the tight side or the empty side
        12, touch the edge of the material to make the bottom face of flat surface can not be open at the end, throwing bit position following must not be wrinkled
        13, double pasted on the requirements of the stick, snapping, prevent uneven or glue loose off the oil to the edge of a plastic or brush glue fit should be clean material surface to prevent dust from the material surface appear from the grain marks the phenomenon
        14, light-colored material can not care material with a dark, dark material can not be used too light-colored material  holding
        15, ears and shoulder strap force bit nylon in the reinforcement and all brush adhesive dead, the width of exposed reinforcement shall prevail
         Parking operations
        1, parking in the car before the goods respond to the desktop, shuttle bed, shuttle sets, core, bur clean, it is necessary to acquire the waste test, the test at the same time according to the production requirements and adjust the needle at, especially car light material when they get dirty easily, the shuttle cargo to wipe tram waste test
        2, handbags car line pin from the 7-pin per inch (dark line), the Mouth of 0.75 points, within the Mark of the car line of small leather goods needle at 9-10 pin wallets car line 9-10 pin the Mouth 0.75 (especially as there will be special notice)
         3, handbags and wallets bur 14 #, 16 #, 18 #, 20 #, 22 #, 24 # Jian Zhen, wagon or brittle materials use a knife needle
         4, regardless of the car, flat car, DY car cycling efforts should be uniform, let the tram feed force to feed, and can not be a hard push, or material likely to wrinkle or deformation
        5, soft bag buried bag mouth ended 2 points, buried bone bag bag the Mouth of 1 and a half
        6, outside two shoji shoji two positioning line for the 5-pin, inside zip window two car line 4-pin
Within pocket triangular cross two needles, oblique three-pin, to have reinforced
        8, zippers buried around to try the accurate length and painted bit to split Wai
9, inside bags buried dark line to the color of the bag material selection line, buried bag only the mouth can not be less than 2 points, the folder Sites of the pin down
        10, open wire can not have the needle down, heavy line in special circumstances, to re-line must be aligned the original pinhole cars line, such as the shoulder strap wiring is subject to the three-pin and aligned pinhole to pin down the car line from the middle needle position needle down back to the edge and then drive to the middle stitches
        11, two-wire line from the car lane and stitch length to maintain a uniform
        12, car zipper pull off the first bit to promote the slider, to make the car out of the zipper straight
        13, the car line to right angle as much as possible to avoid the half-pin phenomenon, but also to avoid genetically rounded car line is prone to different paper exit, stitch length varying phenomenon is a needle near the bit position does not level or by Pong bit too tight
        14, the location of the force should be nylon reinforcement
        15, bone side the general pouch of 2mm bone core, a large bag of 2.5mm or 3mm bone core, relatively soft material taking into account the completion of the bags to straighten consider T-bone, generally more acute corner of the bag better hollow bone, If you are not frayed bone material to be cut in the bone bar, fugitive edge of the material in the bone bar can not cut the bone, such as nylon, fugitive edge of the canvas, satin material
        16, to do a bone bag bone bar to receive bone, bone on both sides of the material in the middle, not only the package side
        17 split dark line then pressure open wire structure (ie car anti-pressure line practice) can not pull the car anti bit too tight and exposed dark line pinhole, you want to fold a little pressure lines, corners to be cut teeth mouth, leather bags To hammer side fairing pressure line
        Playing Hardware
        1, hit the hardware to check before mold rust (to avoid staining materials), metal oxide or scratched metal oxidation and scratches can not be used
        , Drilling must confirm whether the point is correct, perforated only by the one-piece perforated die, multi-drilling will be easy dislocation, other than material holding
         3, playing hardware should always check the tightness, such as: emergency button sewn buttons to be able to button ring pull can not afford and should not be too tight, too tight easy to crack the material and inconvenient to use
        4 lay the hardware should not rotate
        5, lay the Hardware posted a good protective film the entire hardware protection
        Clean finish
        1, the line of the cut line to the surface of the first cut clean, pull the bottom surface and then cut clean to the following thread, the thread can not be seen in the surface
        2, roast line to line head scissors under the premise of a clean line to roast, roast line to pay attention to time and distance, avoid roasted bad bag
        3, the cable should pay attention to the thread pull down, the surface of the line can not be loose out
        4, gluing should thread stick tight, can not brush too large or surface to see the glue India
        5, drawing a bit, the point can not be too crude and obvious, to be able to see, in accordance with the requirements of grid paper template aside painting
        6, hard bag to stand up or hang up, you can not stack amp, soft bag can not stack multiple layers, while avoiding the squeeze for a long time in order to avoid the pincher or the bag deformation
        Cleaning Packaging
       Clean according to the different materials, different colors choose a different cleaning materials in order to prevent the material surface stains
        2, handbags listed usually hanging right in front of the bag, usually hang with handle or shoulder strap, with handle and shoulder strap is active, the hanging hardware (such as square buckle, D buckle) or pull card
        3, a paper jam to be shot flat, paper jam to make the shape of the entire bag completely exposed, such as: to pull the bone buried bag bit
        Dressing handbag hardware as much as possible to avoid direct contact with the metal by hand, need to wear gloves
        5, the cleaning after the finished bags should be packed into boxes according to customer requirements into the box
        6, packed a bag subsection, color separation, segregated to play box member
        7 into the box installed in accordance with the specified number, first the single weighing accounting NW, into the box after weighing FCL GW, based on the weight and the number of check
        8, the number of packing to keep the same number of packaging to check the number of packaging production line to keep the same number of bags checked, that a number of classes hit box down, the same class as the number of packaging to check the packaging for each class the number of count down and production lines out of the bag to be checked, to prevent finally found the error back box trouble
        9, sealing, box sets of four plastic bags, plastic bags put 2-4 packs 2 grams of moisture beads
To note the following pre-production materials abnormality determination
        1 knife-edge is not smooth, leather, PVC, PU material can not be used
        2, coarse grain materials can not be used to match with a bag lines and colors of the materials used,      scratches the surface of the material, scratches can not be used
        3, voltage Mark object, the voltage is not clear, skew can not be used
        4, with a bag material, the lining can not have two colors, materials, pumping sand phenomenon can not be used
        5 string zipper head to shun, the slider can not be skewed, string zipper pull up smoothly, too tight or the  zipper loose teeth, bad teeth will not work
        6, the metal surface is not shiny, oxidation, blistering or scraping hand, letters or logo is not clear can not be used
        7, the same series of the same color bag is unified with a line, do not use Artex line, you want to check the line color of the same batch of the same line number is the phenomenon of color
        8, the same series of the same color bags, zippers, ribbon and other accessories, color difference can not be used
        9, when the cutting room is expected to open in two colors or more colors, details marked with a number can not be used
        10, cutting material warehouse, no nameplate or not on the nameplate is not clear to the workshop
        11, before feeding or production must be sampling materials found anomalies must referrals confirmed before production

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