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        KaiWang excitation fur technology co., LTD., founded in 1999, is a collection of r &d, production and sales in a body comprehensive enterprise, main products have (IPOD, IPHONE, tablet, mobile phones, laptops, electric paper books and other digital products leather and peripheral products).Self-help and unyielding 13 years of entrepreneurial history, the enterprise scale is gradually do big, founded in 2012, the dongguan KaiWang excitation fur production base of science and technology.Company to strictly control the product quality, make our products meet international standards, in line with "customer satisfaction, employee happy, the pursuit of excellence, the benefit of society" is the management idea, dependable service customers, won the trust of the customers, with many famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish relations of cooperation.Perfect OEM/ODM service, advanced assembly line production process, form a complete set of production equipment and management, to make our consistent recognised in the industry!Living facilities, the company has always advocated humanized management, welfare treatment is good, open badminton courts, basketball courts, billiards, table tennis, book reading room, such as Internet cafes, greatly enriched the employees amateur life.
        Since its inception the company scale expands unceasingly, warmly welcome people with lofty ideals to join or to discuss cooperation!
        Companies operating principles: to be first.
        Team spirit of enterprise: happy work, pay attention to detail, empathy.
        Enterprise culture: customer service, and customers grow up together.Respect the supplier, to achieve win-win situation on both sides.
        Training staff, solve the employee trouble back at home.

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