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          Today, we have entered a global economic prosperity and development of the century, Dongguan Kaiwang excitation fur Technology Co., the company has always been to " create " the world fur technology application field for the enterprise vision, "for the business first, people-oriented, wide to treat people " for business purposes, to " the pursuit of excellence " as the goal, relying on a strong research and development strength, has introduced in line with international standards of green, environmental protection, natural products.

        At the same time, the company strictly comply with relevant state laws and regulations, normative and orderly ground in the country gradually establish branches, improve the service concept, to provide consulting, services, support and protect the interests of customers, so that the majority of customers to enjoy the company of a full range of quality services. For the new era of development and lay the good foundation.

        Review the past, look to the future, in this new era full of opportunities, Kai Hui company will be market-oriented, to talent as a fundamental, take the technology as the support, take the capital as the link, to build a strong, strong core competitiveness of enterprise group. Here, we will use the belief, the pursuit of and dedication to open a new voyage, ride the wind and waves, march forward courageously, to our ideal and goal. Let us join hands to create new brilliance, Kai Hui, create a beautiful life together.

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