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The 2012 annual

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   In order to enhance staff awareness of the team, embodies the humanized         management company, for employees to relax after work, the company organized a  "long-long joy the world tourism" activities.

         Eight early in the morning  of November 21, 2012, the company all staff ride luxury buses to the Guangdong  Province, Guangzhou City, the only national 5A Scenic Area -- Panyu Changlong joy to the world. In the park has toured the eastern hemisphere, the first roller coaster, the world's largest Asian first U type slide, the latest world most dazzling large mobile amusement equipment super large pendulum, the world's top roller coaster king -- vertical Coaster (won the Guinness world records), the world second won the Guinness world record ten ring the roller coaster, the  world's largest amphibious air effects theater -- the international acrobatic  theatre, Asia's largest Cinema 4D, eight of the world water recreation king  plate. Especially the vertical roller coaster a be struck with fright, give you  a "God, drilling, surfing" unique experiences, exciting, unforgettable!

The roller coaster 

U type plate 

 Super pendulum


   Vertical roller coaster

 Ten ring roller coaster

     Group photo

         The tourism activities of the employees in the daily busy work, relaxed mood, edify their sentiment, thus increasing the company staff cohesion, fully demonstrated the company's team, let everybody with more enthusiasm into the work.

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