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Spread fire control knowledge, improve the ability of emergency

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—— the company successfully hosted the fire drill       

        In order to further strengthen safety work, enhance staff awareness of fire safety, improve the emergency workers to put out a fire disposal capacity, in line with the principle of "safety first, prevention first" principle and the "people-oriented" ideology, the afternoon of April 23rd, in the company of the basketball court, the administrative Department of organization of the company staff of fire equipment use walkthroughs.

        At 17:00 PM, drilling activity started. First of all, the security team walkthrough responsible person put forward "seven words to all the staff awareness of fire points, three points": first, usually must maintain good habits of fire safety, banned the use of fire into the factory production area, warehouse, dormitory staff gathering places, eliminate hidden danger of fire from the root. Second, 119 is the fire of our country calls, when fire occurs, should be the first time call the fire calls to the fire. Third, facing the fire must be calm, calm, not panic, take the right self-help, rescue measures. Subsequently, drills drills responsible person explained the contingency plan for the scene of the fire, fire extinguishing principle and relevant problems. And personally trained fire extinguisher use method; in listening and viewing, colleagues personally experience the process of fire, in the face of a bonfire, colleagues performance is very calm, skillfully in accordance with the procedure and method of extinguishing, gasoline ignited fire smoke successful quickly extinguished, so calm calmly face burst phenomenon, successful rapid extinguish fire standard fire.

Evacuation drill

Exercise worker

Use on dry powder fire extinguisher

Fire hose using the demonstration

Emergency rescue demonstration 

        Finally, all the staff in the company under the guidance of personnel under the command of left vacant by department, the drill ended.

        Through this self-help escape and fire fighting training, enhance the fire safety awareness of staff, the staff of the fire evacuation essentials, unexpected situation with related knowledge have more profound memory and understanding, to protect their own security links have a more profound experience. Through this exercise, but also further improve the safety facilities of our company, set up evacuation guidance team strong, for the next encounter unpredictable sudden disaster accident with a layer of protective wall and umbrella.


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