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The third session of games - I exercise my me happy

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        Some people say that life is movement, movement there is competition there is also a friendship, fair and justice. Activities in line with the character and the sprint, the principle of solidarity, show ego, for the purpose of "whole participation". For training staff of the unity cooperation spirit, on November 14, 2013 PM o 'clock in the afternoon, KaiWang excitation winter games held in the basketball court on time.

         To participate in the games participating departments: marketing, leather department, qc department, injection of a film, injection molding department, packing department, each department organization personnel every competition. First is relay, after simple rules introduced before the start of the match, all the colleagues on the sidelines with relay stick doing simple exercises, others together to formulate a plan! As the referee a whistle, the official start of the game. In one hand and his colleagues and the relay rod, while Shouting slogans efforts to speed up the pace to the finish. At first, the team, the athletes to adopt different tactics, have WenZhongQiuJin, also have strides, everyone doing everything we can to the destination. Although there are a lot of athletes midway fell to the ground, but for the sake of the honor of the collective they immediately start to climb, courageously to catching up.

        Then the is table tennis, badminton, table tennis game... Etc., each team out of the two players each aspect,. Then after the completion of the badminton into the basket. Although form is very simple, but the colleagues perfect cooperate, constantly sum up experience and make everyone has achieved better results. The last part is a basketball match, for the love of basketball colleagues, all departments of the collective sense of honor is their motivation, to make them play the best level.

Table tennis contest

Badminton contest

Basketball contest

 Prize winners and the company leadership

        Nearly ended the campaign though, but it provides you with a display of power, release the passion of the stage. In rich company culture, active atmosphere at the same time, promote the communication between the company staff, make KaiWang excitation become more cohesive family.

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