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Fire control knowledge constant attention security drills wake-up call

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      In order to further strengthen the awareness and fire workers improve employees within the yard on fire emergency saves disposal ability, the company in November 20, 2013 in the afternoon, in the basketball court open held fire practice, the drilling company will please go to the dongguan changan town fire detachment mid-team leader to visit the guidance.

     Company leaders and all staff took part in the practice activity, exercise before security by the administrative center director Liu Ke explained about the scene of the fire emergency disposal scheme, the principle of fire extinguisher, basic operation methods and matters needing attention.


 Emergency rescue drill   

 The worker put out the fire dril  

Security guards hose drill

 Fire squadron leader

     After listen to squadron leader interpretation and observing, each department worker representatives personally experience the scene of fire extinguishing process, faced with the burning fire, performance is very positive and brave, according to the steps and methods of the fire smoke from the fire lit the fire quickly extinguished. As we work in inflammable and explosive places, should have the basic knowledge of fire, and skilled in the use of the fire extinguisher. During the exercise, each employee is personally experience how to correctly use the fire extinguishers, and how to take emergency measures, when a fire fire safety work for the company laid a solid foundation. The last fire squadron leader make highly on this drill, drill successfully concluded.

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