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8S activities conducted by the positive influence to the company

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        8S originated in the Japanese management starts from the minor matter. Enterprise was first put forward the finishing, rectify 2 S. Later, because of demand and the level of management of ascension, and gradually increase the 3 S the rest, thus forming the widespread implementation of 5S architecture, because the management emphasis from the environmental quality expanded to human action quality, improved greatly in safety, health, efficiency, quality and cost, present in many large companies, 6S is proposed 7S or 8S. 8S includes finishing, rectify, cleaning, cleaning, security, quality, saving, learning the eight.

        Consolidation -- not only will items clean neat, but "processing" all suspicious items. The distinction between what is useful, what is the use of, which is useless, and useless things removed from the scene, leaving only the useful and necessary.

         Rectification -- will require items placed reasonably, to be identified, so that any man to take.

Cleaning -- remove all dust, dirt and grease, keep everywhere is clean. Cleaning the dirt, and prevent pollution, keep the site clean, bright.

         Clean -- way to maintain the results of 3S, is built in front of 3 S correctly on the basis of the implementation, is to develop and standardize the standard operation. Clean the meaning is thoroughly improved, namely to finishing, rectify, clean the found problems were traced to the bottom, and classification to solve. And institutionalized, standardized maintain the result, make the problem no longer reproduce.

         Safety -- human material ring is in safe condition and environment, have a mechanism to eliminate all hidden safety trouble. Create a non-threatening environment for people, the property of the enterprise, avoid safety accidents, reduce industrial disasters. To enable us to a personal damage, environment is not dangerous working condition.

         Literacy -- the staff form the habit of acting in accordance with the provisions of. All in accordance with the provisions of law, from the mindset to develop good habits, to create a team spirit.

Save -- reduces the enterprise manpower, cost, space, time, inventory, material consumption and other factors. To strengthen the personnel to reduce waste awareness education, to save the company from the aspects of resources.

         Learning -- learning the professional knowledge, to acquire knowledge from practice and books, and constantly to colleagues and supervisor for learning, learning strengths to achieve self-improvement, enhance their own comprehensive quality. Everyone should learn, the overall quality of their own to get better promotion, enable the enterprise to obtain the continuous improvement of more effective.

         The significance of 8S to enterprises.

         8S management is to create building competitive enterprise staff quality, first-class advanced management means. 8S management system's mission is to radiate tissue viability, and continuously improve the enterprise management system, 8S management system goal is to improve people's quality, improving the execution of enterprises and competitiveness.

         The management of 8S 8 "S" elements has an inherent logic relations, and form a relatively complete system. Among them, improve people's quality, the formation of the pursuit of excellence, lean enterprise culture and the human force is the center and the kernel of 8S management.

         8S management can improve the scientific research and production environment, enhance corporate image, reshape corporate culture, improve product quality, raise the level of safety, function and the function to improve the work efficiency. Enterprise quality culture, to form the core competitiveness of enterprises. The permeability of 8S management embodies in the enterprise's total, initiative, foundation, significance, encouraging, management ideas in general management activities, is the basis of other management activities and the effective implementation of security.

         The implementation of 8S in enterprises play a role.

         1, the loss is zero. At least in the industry was praised as the most clean, clean workshop; no defects, no bad, with good reputation among customers word-of-mouth, customers more and more faithful; visibility is very high, a lot of people Mu Minglai visited; everyone scrambling to the company work; people to buy the company's product line.

         2, adverse to zero. The production according to standard requirements; testing instruments correct use and maintenance, is to ensure that the quality of the premise; the environment is neat and orderly, abnormal eye can be found; clean production site, can improve the quality awareness of employees; mechanical equipment normal use and maintenance, reduce the inferior.

         3, waste zero.8S can reduce the inventory, eliminate excess production, parts, semi-finished products, finished products to avoid too much in the library; avoid pallets, pallet, forklift handling tool to avoid excess; "for", "waiting", "avoidance" action caused by waste.

         4, the fault is zero. The factory clean; free of debris, pieces and the oil spill, often as and maintenance, mechanical utilization rate is high; the production capacity of equipment, personnel efficiency is stable, comprehensive efficiency can be high; daily use inspection, nip in the bud.

         5, the switching time is zero. The mould, fixture, tools after rectification, do not need too much time; clean and standardize the plant the normal operation of the machine, the operation efficiency to rise sharply; thorough 6S, for beginners and newcomer to understand at a glance, rapid induction.

         6, zero accidents. Finishing, rectify, channel and rest places not occupied; items placed, handling and stowage highly consider the safety factor; workplace spacious, bright, make the logistics stick out a mile; the separation of people and vehicles, the road is clear; "dangerous", "note" and other employees in the proper warning to clear; the use of protective equipment, not the illegal operations; all the equipment for cleaning, maintenance, can the problems found in advance, thus eliminating the potential safety hazard; fire facilities, fire extinguishers placed position clear, escape routes, in case of fire or earthquake, protect the lives and safety of the employees.

        7, zero complaints. People can correctly implement the regulations; to any post can be operations post immediately; who knows what to do, what to do; work convenient and comfortable; improved every day, progress.

         8, absenteeism is zero. Stick out a mile in the workplace, no waste, reluctantly, uneven defects; post bright, clean, no dust, no garbage workplace make people happy, never get bored and annoyed; work has become a fun, not without reason of employee absenteeism absenteeism; 6S can give a person "as long as the efforts of everyone, can do anything" belief, let everyone personally is improved; in the vibrant first-class workshops, employees are really feel proud and proud.

         The implementation of 8S on employee benefits.

         1, to provide you creatively improve your job opportunities.

         2, make your work environment more comfortable. Clean factory will make employees feel at ease, work only in a clean and tidy environment, employees will feel relaxed, happy.

         3, to make your work more convenient. Workshop stick out a mile, channel, tools, articles, trolley positioning point logo, more conducive to our work.

         4, make your work more secure. It not only gives us a comfortable working environment, but also make our personal safety is guaranteed, more assured to work.

         5, make you more easily and the surrounding colleagues. Each employee's quality is improved, with good team spirit, more conducive to communication between staff and help.

         Based on the above analysis, the implementation of 8S management is to have no choice but to to the enterprise, the only benefit without harm. It not only to the enterprise has the advantage, compared to individuals also have certain profit. We should be optimistic to treat encountered in the implementation of the 8S process problems and difficulties, don't complain, want to solve, overcome, enable us to more thoroughly and more effective implementation of 8S. I believe, as long as we unite as one, adhere to in the end as the goal, nothing cannot be solved.

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