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Safe in my heart

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         Without the crisis, nondestructive is full. Safety is the people in the life and production process, life assurance, the body from injury, loss of property from. Safe production is the focus of enterprise management, is the fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises, safety is benefit. The lesson of blood, always engraved in my heart. Enterprises should do a good job of production safety work, is to treat people and worker safety in mind, keep safety in mind.

         Safe in my heart, is the first manifestation of a person to the life the attention and care, a kind of responsibility for the work. Then we must begin from me in action, start from now. As an employee, when we choose the enterprise, engaged in this industry, "security" consciousness and we follow like a shadow. Since the advent of Kaihui gate, we began to accept the safe education; safety operation specification, technical procedures and so on a series of rules and regulations, it is a passive acceptance to continuous process of identity, but also reflects the enterprise focus on security and good intentions. However, all the key lies in people, in ourselves, in our understanding and attitude to safety. In our work the illegal operation behavior still at the scene often occur, are not required to wear labor protection supplies phenomenon is banned repeatedly more than, employee fluky mentality still exists, paralysis and habits into the biggest safety concerns, a small mistake, a little neglect may be fatal; a paralysis of negligence, it may give the family member bring endless pain, to the society, enterprise to bring the huge losses. It also inspired us to work, to concentrate on, do not think of things other than work; two to carefully, our company is a high risk industry, whether you are a veteran or new workers, the work is careless, the rough idea will pay a heavy price; three is modest, operation site is not acrobatics group do acrobatics, some employees are "high technology bold", regardless of the consequences, adventure foolhardy; four is a sense of responsibility, based on the job, dedication, do not violate compasses, the safety in production work to achieve "strict, diligent, fine, solid". In daily work, as long as we always take the "heart", the safety rules we can consciously enforcement and compliance, process procedures, complete responsible every operation, each work, to be held accountable to the people and things around, can eliminate the self and side people do not hurt, property from loss.

         Safe in my heart, but also in the attention of leaders and the implementation of safety responsibility system, leadership must have sufficient for production safety, sober understanding, truly understand the "safety first" thought and "security for the day, life for the idea of the" safety, safety in production is not an empty talk, it not only relations to the enterprise economic benefit and long-term development, but also related to the life of the workers' safety and health. The so-called follow suit, only the leader is fully aware of the importance of safety work, in order to promote safe work effectively carry out. At the same time, we should organize various safety regulations and management system, establish and improve the safety responsibility management system, and from the deployment of security work, give full support, arrangements and financial aspects from the manpower, material resources, financial resources and other aspects to ensure the system of safe production, measures to implement, support the safety supervision, formed a good situation of co-management, control and eliminate the occurrence of accidents.

         Safe in my heart, but also pay attention to safety publicity, education and training, let the staff understand the security of individual, family, to the enterprise, important meaning to the society, to achieve the four responsibility (responsible for themselves, responsible for the family, in charge of the enterprise, to be responsible for the Society), through education and training, so that security deep into each employee's mind, improve staff safety awareness and safety accident prevention quality and ability fundamentally, the construction of enterprise safety culture, forming a "violation of discipline and shame, compliance is good atmosphere Rong", in the production process of labor can consciously abide by the rules and the rules for safe operation of labor, from the "want me to be safe" to "I want security", "I should be safe", "I can", I understand the safety ", this is the kind of leap leap safety consciousness, only by frequent safety education to achieve.

         Safe in my heart, also reflected in the use of scientific management methods, the introduction or R & D equipment and advanced production technology, improve the ability to guarantee the safety of production process in essence. By hazard identification, risk evaluation according to the severity of the consequences and the possibility of accident occurrence, determination of major hazard source, effective control and management of major dangerous source, the implementation of a three card management system, protection and management for the occupation harm; the development of safe production accident emergency plan of the unit, the establishment of emergency rescue organization or equipped with emergency rescue personnel, equipped with emergency equipment, the necessary equipment, and regular exercises, improve the resilience of staff emergency safety accidents, to strengthen the safety awareness of risk prevention; through lead to advanced production equipment and technology, reduce the online operation, reducing the labor intensity of the operator, occupation harm reduction or relief workers in the production process.

         Safety in production is a complicated system engineering, need a full hands-on, comprehensive management, often catch indefatigable, as long as the safety in our hearts, can not overcome the difficulties. Let us joint effort, will know how to be safe, achieved good economic benefits in the meantime, also built a peace monument.

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